B2B Growth Generation


We help B2B businesses and agencies generate 10-15+ qualified leads per month by using proprietary growth hacking methodologies. Once we get to the ramp period, we generate over 30+ leads per month.

Our Team Specialization:

By carefully gathering data, generating key insights & research, and executing on the well-strategized outbound campaigns through specific channels such as Email and Linkedin, we will able to fill up your pipeline with qualified sales leads.

Hiring a sales account executive role is extremely expensive with their ramp quota times of at least be 6 months.

We make it cheaper and more reliable for you to get in front of the right people with results within the first month.

Our Revenue Driving Strategy

Growth Workshops


During our kick-off workshops, we analyze multiple factors to help you position yourself in a clear way when doing an outbound campaign. We look at your best case studies, customer journey, macro industry analysis, and more. We finish by setting up your growth automation tech stack. LinkedIn, and email accounts and get you into Yahoo News or Finance for more social validation

Research + Data

Our research team researches key ideal customer profiles for you. We based our research on sales triggers and create icebreakers for the email and LinkedIn outreach. Our data team will scrape the internet to find the Linkedin URLs, emails, and telephone numbers of each ideal customer that we would like to contact.


We’ll launch through LinkedIn and email. All the prospects that have accepted the LinkedIn request will be nurtured with custom messages – these are called Tier 1 leads. Prospects that haven’t accepted the request will be segmented based on commonality and contacted via an automated email campaign – these are called Tier 2 leads. For both tiers, your account manager will MANUALLY respond and book in meetings for you.

Outcomes and Guarantees

We guarantee a certain number of leads per month

We will guarantee 5 leads in the first month and 10-15 leads in the month following that.

We help you niche down and find repeatability

You enable you to niche down towards an account-based marketing strategy and deliver the right messaging towards your target audience to increase repeat purchases.

You will learn many conventional and unconventional growth hacks

We’ll teach you both conventional and unconventional growth hacks and secrets.

We will advise you on sales qualification and closing

We will constantly advise you on how to qualify and close your leads.

We aim to increase the number of qualification leads each month

We will keep iterating constantly deliver you more and more leads.