Scale without limitations

Our Scalerex hacking team enables you to constantly stay one step ahead by creating predictable revenue engines.

What do we offer?

We are Scalerex, the secret weapon employed by the fastest-growing tech start-ups and B2B service agencies worldwide.

We are your trusted sales partner and are incredibly effective at creating predictable revenue engines.

Strategic Workshops

We help you niche down and find your ideal customer profiles whilst developing a well-defined outbound strategy to acquire more clients. At the end of the workshops, you will be able to have key fundamentals you need to target your dream clients.

B2B Growth Generation

We help B2B businesses and agencies generate 10-15+ qualified leads per month by using proprietary growth hacking methodologies. Once we get to the ramp period, we generate over 30+ leads per month.

Website Development

We provide web development services and design services to its clients who are vital for shaping the online surfacing of businesses. We develop all kinds of personal, business and e-commerce websites.

Facebook ADS

Social networking marketing is using social networking platforms to get in touch with your viewers to build your brand, increase revenue, and drive traffic.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a particular page kind made for a marketing effort that compels visitors to have a particular action, directs toward the call-to-action (CTA) you would like the user to choose.


Marketing your business or company online is crucial due to the increased usage of the internet in the past decades. Digital marketing encircles all marketing attempts that use the internet, search engines, and other channels to influence customers online to promote various products and services.

Native and Display Ads

Our service allows you to promote your CBD business easily by conquering internet advertising. Our service is used by market leaders in the CBD space, to generate a new steady influx of users.Designed to win people over using the creative display and native ads, run all over the leading CBD websites

AI Automations

At Scalerex, we go above and beyond providing services. We aim to become genuine allies for small businesses, comprehending your distinct challenges and formulating remedies that propel you towards remarkable growth. Let’s collaborate to reshape the definition of success in the era of digital advancements.

We have helped our clients book meetings and close deals with

Advertising Channels

Channels Selected

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or Google

    Leveraging past interactions to re-engage potential customers.
    Nurture lead magnet opt-ins through weekly email campaigns
    Make sure the emails are valuable
    Run ad tests to identify best-performing messages and visuals
    Segment audience by behavior and preferences for personalized campaigns
    Optimize ad spend to achieve lowest cost per trial

    Are you ready to skyrocket your revenue?

    We have helped SaaS companies and B2B service agencies acquire hundreds of new leads every month and doubling down on their revenue in less than 6 months. To do so, we have generated meetings for our clients with Fortune 500 companies to scale up and startups all across the world.

    We build your growth infrastructure

    We provide expert guidance on integrating martech tools and building a growth marketing automation engine for your business

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