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Since we started we’ve established our self as the world-leading PPC Management Company, we have been in the market servicing our clients since 2019, which gave us extensive experience in managing PPC activities for a wide range of high profile clients.

Scalerex started as a PPC management service and then became a full-service marketing provider company including, pay per click (PPC) management, search engine marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Management.

The Details of Scalerex PPC Service

If you’re searching for a PPC company to run and optimize your campaigns, here’s why you should choose Scaelrex to do it for you.

PPC can be a great way to build brand awareness and gain traffic, and it’s even more effective to convert and target users with higher intent to buy. We dedicate all our resources and expertise for you to get the most out of your PPC.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform that runs ads on Google and its partner sites. It was introduced back in 2000 and has grown in popularity since then to become the dominant in the market. 90% of internet users use Google on their browsers on a daily basis, and 40% of them as their main search engine. 

One metric to look at when you are looking for a company to manage your PPC activity is them being certified professionals. Google Ads PPC is more than just choosing words and bidding on a position to earn. It’s way more sophisticated than that. 


Scalerex PPC Services for Ecomm Businesses include:

Campeign Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Budget Management
Keywords Research
Landing Page Optimization
PPC Conversion Tracking

Establishing Your Client’s PPC Metrics and KPIs are Critical

Click-Through Rate
Cost Per Click
Conversion Volume
Average Order Value
Impression Share
Quality Score
Cost Per Conversion
Conversion Rate
Close Rates
Budget Management

Top PPC Platforms Available Through our White Label PPC Programs

Google Ads

Google Ads management programs have been by far the most popular, and for good reason. Without any doubt, Google Ads is the most popular advertising network today. As of December 2021, Bing only accounts around 7% of the global search market, while the market leader Google had a market share of 85.55 percent. 

Microsoft Advertising

Not to be underestimated, Microsoft Advertising (Previously Bing Ads) is exceptionally useful and brings your clients access to:

Lower CPCs and solid ROI
Sometimes higher-value audience
Access to searchers on Yahoo, and many more sites powered by Bing

Google Business Profile

Scalerex PPC services for local businesses can help your local business attract new local customers. To let Scalerex manage your PPC, you get the following benefits:
Online ads created quickly and easily.
Pay when a client clicks

Facebook Ads

Scalerex Facebook Ads programs are our most popular programs in the social media category. Facebook advertising is way more different from Search Advertising. One of the main differences between Search Advertising and Facebook Ads is search intent.

YouTube Ads

Second to Facebook, comes YouTube Ads. Scalerex YouTube Ads are popular for video marketing efforts. YouTube sets no minimum limits on the budget, so even smaller advertisers can take advantage of this platform.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising is considered a huge add-on for Facebook advertisers. Instagram Advertising is a PPC to post sponsored content on Instgram for wider exposure of your brand. Scalerex can utilize Instagram advertising for more website traffic, getting new leads, and converting them into customers.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a B2B platform, and Ads are highly effective. PPC Advertising for LinkedIn is a great way to get your client’s message to extremely targeted B2B audiences.


Twitter Ads

Twitter ad management services are also extremely popular, and highly effective. You can promote your business tweets and reach millions of customers. If you want to build and grow a community of high-value followers, this is the perfect PPC channel to do it.

Scalerex PPC Services Include:

Communication that may include daily email reporting, a weekly organic vs PPC comparison report, and (depending on plan) unlimited PPC management phone support.

Detailed keyword analysis, which includes a deep ROI analysis to make sure you get the most possible outcome on your PPC investment.

Hands-on PPC bid management and campaign analysis that includes a/b split testing, negative keyword analysis for improved traffic targeting, and unlimited managed keywords.

Access to our exclusive ConversionTrax technology (offered as an ala carte service) to track traffic that visits your website and convert later on.

Exclusive access to CallTraxPlus technology (offered as an ala carte service), which can track the calls you get from PPC campaigns and the quality of those calls.



Some frequently asked questions asked by clients

Do You Provide Sales Support With Your PPC Service?

Scalerex highly-trained sales staff is dedicated to growing the bottom line of our clients.

That’s why when you hire us to do your PPC marketing, you add a complete professional sales staff to your Company!

How Many Staff Members Work on Your Client’s Account?

We offer a team approach to providing services. Scalerex is committed to client satisfaction to accomplish that we assign primary and secondary staff members to each client we have even in the event of holidays, vacations, or illness.

How to Get Started with Scalerex PPC?

Get ready for your Ecomm to shine with Scalerex. Fill in the form, and you’ll be contacted shortly.