Product Market Fit (PMF) As A Service


We help first-time founders and new businesses generate their first leads by creating a strategic internal structure that enables them to gain insights and validate different hypotheses. The secret weapon employed by the fastest-growing tech start-ups and b2b service agencies worldwide. We are your trusted sales partner and are incredibly effective at creating predictable revenue engines.

Market Research and Analytics

“The number one problem I’ve seen for startups, is they don’t actually have product/market fit, when they think they do.” —  Ben Horowitz (Az16)

Product/market fit means is when people sell for you – Andrew Chen (Az16)

In the first few months of building the product/service, It’s important to engage with your target ideal customer to specifically gather insights and understand where the bucket leaks by validating different hypotheses.

By using this framework you are able to acquire your first users whilst building or remolding your product or service and making sure you are validating your ideas and solving a direct pain point.

Hiring a sales account executive role is extremely expensive with their ramp quota time to be 6 months. We make it cheaper and more reliable for you to get in front of the right people.

Product Market Fit

As A Service

Initial Hypothesis Development

During our kick-off workshops, we develop different hypotheses based on the four types of pain points which your product and service cover (latent, passive, active, and vision pain points). After doing so, we will do some data research and find key companies and prospects in each key industry which you can speak to in order to validate your hypotheses and value proposition. The idea is to find key partnerships for PMF.

Research + Execution

You will connect and speak to your future clients whilst conducting extensive qualitative and quantitative market research. Through this exercise, you will be able to gather key insights which will help in your product development and market positioning which is key to your marketing and sales strategy. Through customer validation, you will be able to acquire your first customers/beta clients who will champion your product whilst giving you further insights and referrals.

First Clients + Find Repeatability

After the first customer wins, we analyze to understand the correlations between industries,, ICP and pain points. This will enable us to niche down into an account-based marketing strategy to find repeatability and further validate the Hypothesis. Furthermore, we will help you to internally create and operationalize a process to create internal and external playbooks for the market.

The results at the end of the campaign :

Develop and validate your key hypothesis

We will help you develop and validate key hypotheses around the buyer journey and valuate your value proposition.

Qualitative and quantitative Research

You will gather very important qualitative and quantitative data with will enable you to further understand how to build out your product and service.

Customer validation

You will be able to validate your future customers and clearly understand their needs

Niche down and find repeatability

You will able to niche down towards an account-based marketing strategy and deliver the right messaging towards your target audience to have more repeatability on purchases

First B2B users and beta clients

You will be able to acquire your first B2B users and clients.